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Can I Get Life Insurance/Assurance After Having a Heart Attack?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Experiencing a heart attack is a life threatening and frightening situation that no one can fully appreciate unless it happens to them.

Life Insurance/Assurance after a heart attack is usually available with a number of providers. Generally, applications will be considered once you have passed a period of six months since the initial stage of the heart attack.

The underwriters will want to liaise with your GP to corroborate all of the details regarding your heart attack and any other related medical conditions.

They will particularly want to know...

* When did the heart attack happen?

* How many heart attacks have you had?

* Did you require surgery?

* Was a stent fitted?

* Are your blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control?

Provided you have undergone some serious treatment for your condition and it not regarded as too severe, you should be able to find affordable life insurance/assurance.

Brokers such as ourselves in Citywide Financial shop around and find the most competitive deals for your life insurance/assurance cover. In general, the cost of your premium will depend on the type and severity of your heart condition.

It is imperative to furnish full and accurate details of your heart condition when making an application for life cover....otherwise it could be voided in the event of a claim following your death. This could result in a non payment of a claim.

In relation to the above, Mortgage Protection Insurance is also available and can be discussed with our mortgage protection broker team.

Rob O’Neill

CEO Citywide Financial – May 2020

086 2293032

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