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Can I Get Life Insurance/ Assurance With Coeliac Disease?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Coeliac Disease is a common digestive disorder in which the intestine has an abnormal immune reaction to gluten intake.

As coeliac disease generally doesn’t have a particular impact on life span, life Insurance can often be offered at standard premium terms.

If however, your symptoms are more serious with frequent flare ups, there will probably be a small increase in the premium.

Insurance underwriters will require information as follows...

* How frequent does your coeliac disease flare up ?

* At what stage were you first diagnosed?

* What medication are you currently taking?

* Any other related medical conditions or complications?

Is Critical Illness (Serious Illness Cover) available for people with Coeliac Disease?

As with life insurance cover, applications for Critical Illness Cover will be viewed in the same way.

Again the insurance provider may need a report from your doctor to determine your overall health condition.

Mortgage Protection Insurance is also available and can be discussed in relation to all of the above.

Helen Connor – Financial Advisor

Citywide Financial

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