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Can I Get Life Insurance/ Assurance With Fibromyalgia?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Fibromyalgia is a chronic painful rheumatoid condition that causes pain at specific tender points all over the body.

In making an application for life insurance with Fibromyalgia, some of the information facts that underwriters will need to know are as follows...

* When were you first diagnosed with fibromyalgia?

* How does fibromyalgia affect your daily life routine?

* A list of the medications that you take

* Does the condition affect your work schedule?

* Do you need the assistance of mobility aids?

* Do you suffer from depression?

They will also want to liaise with your doctor to determine the severity of your condition and whether there are any other medical conditions that affect your health.

Would I Be Accepted For Critical Illness Cover (Serious Illness) With Fibromyalgia

If your fibromyalgia condition is well controlled, your application for Critical Illness Cover is usually accepted at normal terms.

If your condition is determined as severe and your symptoms have a big impact on your daily routine, then you may be offered cover at an increased premium.

Mortgage Protection Insurance is also available and can be discussed in relation to all of the above. For more information on our life cover please see our Life cover broker Dublin page.

Brian Courtney

Citywide Financial


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