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Family Protection

To discuss your options regarding family protection insurance please get in contact with Citywide Financial Solutions today.

Interested in protecting what really matters? A family protection plan is an insurance policy designed to insulate and protect a family from financial uncertainty in the event that a breadwinner passes away or cannot work due to an illness or injury.
Family protection is designed to partially or fully replace lost income, allowing a family to mantain their current standard of living.

As expert financial brokers, Citywide Financial Solutions can negotiate flexible and affordable family protection packages designed to:
- Clear debts or loans to ensure the continued financial stability of a family
- Provide a monthly income that replaces the lost income in the event of illness or death
- Payout a lump sum to handle immediate and unexpected expenses like funeral costs

To speak to one of our financial experts about family income protection, get in contact with Citywide Financial Solutions today.

Family Protection Extras

Family protection policies can include benefits in the short term, including:

- Payments in the event of an extended stay in hospital
- Payments when an accident leaves an individual unable to work
- Payments in the event of surgery
- Payments in the event of breaking one or more bones

Our brokers can discuss the right package and the right optional extras for your needs and requirements. Please schedule a consultation with us today.

Family Protection FAQ

What types of Family protection cover are available?

Family protection insurance is a wide and diverse area that includes a range of insurance types these can include:

  • Bill Cover

An insurance plan designed to cover a household's monthly expenses

  • Decreasing Life Cover

This can be a lump sum payment if the policyholder passes away.

  • Specified Illness Cover

As the name suggests, this is insurance against specific illnesses.

How do I schedule a consultation with a family protection broker?

Please get in contact with our offices and our customer service agents will organise a time and date that suits your schedule.

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