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Pension Transfer

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In order to proceed with a pension transfer, we would require details about your existing pension plan. Contact our specialised pensions team who will manage the process and advise on best options going forward

Why transfer your pension to a different provider?

People transfer some or all of their pension pots to a different provider for the following reasons:

  • Your current provider doesn’t offer you the type of pension arrangement you want
  • You want to combine your pension to simplify your pension arrangements
  • You want a wider variety of fund choices
  • You want to reduce your fees and charges
  • You want to get a higher income in the future from your pension plan
  • You are returning home
  • You are switching jobs

What are the advantages of combining your pension pots?

  • Reduced fees, charges and commissions
  • Easier to administer with just one pension provider
  • More fund options and flexibility
  • Before you make a decision in relation to combining your pension plans or transferring a pension plan, we recommend that you speak to one of our pensions advisers or contact us to make an appointment

For additional information on how to Transfer your pension, get in contact with Citywide Financial Solutions today.

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