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Life Broker Dublin

Do you require a Life broker in Dublin? Get in contact with Citywide Financial Solutions today.

Life insurance is designed to protect your family and your home against the financial repercussions of your death.
Our team of Dublin life brokers help our clients access what they need in their life insurance package. Our life brokers get life insurance quotes based on an individual’s age, their unique family circumstances and the specifics of their lifestyle.
Generally speaking, life insurance should cover your mortgage and any outstanding loans, which will free your family from inheriting mortgage or loan repayments after your passing. Oftentimes an individual may also want their life insurance to cover the costs of their funeral and burial and allow their partner to take some time off following their passing.

For additional information on what a life insurance quote can cover, schedule a consultation with our Dublin team of Life insurance brokers.

How a Dublin Life Broker accesses your exact needs.

Our team of Dublin Life brokers will access your life insurance needs by taking into account your mortgage, protection, pension schemes and your social welfare entitlements.
If a deficit is found in the above the life broker will advise on the best way to cover this deficit. This may be through term insurance or whole life cover, the exact length of the policy, and whether the cover is paid out in a lump sum or through an income benefit system. And of course, a broker will compare the various different policies available to find the best cover for your unique circumstances.

Life Broker Dublin FAQ

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a way to safeguard your family’s financial future in the event of your death. Life insurance is protection for the insurance cover term. If the policyholder dies during this term the sum is paid out to the deceased's beneficiaries.

What does a Life Cover Broker do?

A life cover broker accesses your unique circumstances and advises on the right cover for you. A life cover broker also shops around the various different life insurance companies and finds the appropriate life insurance quote for your needs.

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