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We are experts in our field and make it our business to know your requirements and what is right for you. By having access to a robust and thorough risk management service, our clients feel confident that they have the right kind and level of protection in place, that they can depend on throughout the year. Citywide Financial Solutions offer some of the best income protection broker services in Dublin. Schedule a consultation with our Dublin income broker, Dublin life insurance brokers and life insurance brokers today.


Why use a Broker?

A broker can be invaluable, especially for those with little or no experience in the service they require, whether that's setting up a pension, buying a new home or taking out income protection. A price cannot be put on the guidance and expertise a Broker can provide.


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Our Latest Blogs

What is a directors executive pension?

A Director's pension lets you set aside some of that profit into a special savings account for your retirement. The money in this account grows over time, just like other retirement savings. The key difference is that the company contributes the money, not you directly.

Keyperson insurance FAQ’s

Imagine your company as a team. Everyone plays a valuable role, but some teammates, like star players, are extra crucial. Key Person Insurance is like taking out an insurance policy on those star players.

Will you or your loved ones be hit with an inheritance tax bill in future?

There needs to be a better understanding of inheritance tax! Many people think only the super-rich get hit with it, but that's not always true. Even families with average-sized houses and decent pensions in Ireland can face this tax, leaving them with a surprise bill.

Director’s pension for business owners: The Advantages Of Having One

Instead of you paying for it with your salary, the company contributes a portion of its profits to your retirement nest egg. This can be a tax-friendly way for the company to reward you while potentially reducing its corporation tax bill (within legal limits).

Introduction to Income Protection

Here's the thing: we at Citywide Financial see lots of people getting mortgage protection and family protection plans, which is fantastic! But here's the secret: income protection is the cornerstone of financial planning and often needs to be addressed.

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