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Can I get Life Insurance/ Assurance with a Bipolar condition?

Bipolar Disorder is a mental health condition characterised by periods of manic and depressive episodes that can cause extreme shifts in moods, energy and activity levels making day to day living difficult.

Bipolar Disorder terms for life Insurance are very much dependant on several key variable factors.

If your application for Bipolar Life Insurance is to be approved, underwriters will focus on how frequent you have symptoms and if there have been any recent self harm or attempts on your own life.

It is likely that any offer will be only available at non-standard rates in the form of a premium increase.

What will insurance companies want to know if I have a bipolar condition and need Life Insurance?

* When were you first diagnosed with bipolar disorder?

* What type of bipolar do you have?

* Are you on any medication?

* Have you ever self harmed or attempted to take your own life?

* Are you seeing a counsellor or psychiatrist?

* Has your bipolar disorder necessitated taking time off work?

The insurance provider will also require a medical report from your doctor regarding your condition and overall health to support your application.

Is Critical Illness Cover available for Bipolar Disorder?

If your bipolar disorder is ascertained as well controlled with no other relevant medical history, then Critical Illness Cover should be available.

Should your condition be classed as severe with recent instances of self harm or substance abuse, a specialist insurance provider may be required to get cover

Mortgage Income Protection is also available and can be be discussed in relation to all of the above. See our life insurance broker Dublin page for more information.

Brian Courtney

Citywide Financial

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