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Can I get Life Insurance/Assurance with Kidney Stones?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Kidney stones are hard deposits made of minerals and salts that form inside the kidneys.

Diet, excess body weight, certain medical conditions and supplements are among the the range of causes of kidney stones.

If your kidney stones condition is mild and a one off occurrence, there should be no issues in getting life insurance at standard premium rates.

Should you suffer from recurring kidney stones and require surgery or have related medical conditions, the insurer will usually want to liaise with your doctor to establish your present state of health.

Is Serious Illness Cover available for those with kidney stones?

When making an application for Critical Illness Cover, insurance providers will want full and precise details of your kidney stones condition. If your condition is mild and under control, there is every chance of securing cover at standard rates.

However, if your condition requires strong treatment or if there is an additional prevalent illness contributing to the kidney stones, there will likely be a premium increase and an exclusion on the policy for any claim linked to the renal system.

Can I get Income Protection with kidney stones?

Income Protection Insurance is generally available with most providers and can be secured at standard rates subject to you having mild and infrequent occurrences and not having had to take time off work.

For more serious conditions, the insurer will want to speak with your doctor and following a review of a medical report, there could be possible premium increase.

Mortgage Protection Insurance is also available and can be discussed in relation to all of the above. For more information please visit our life insurance broker Dublin page.

Helen Connor O’Neill

Citywide Financial

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