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Can You Get Life Assurance/Insurance With Cerebral Palsy?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination typically caused by damage to the brain before birth.

There are a number of forms of CP that can result in a variety of difficulties for a sufferer including the ability to move, eat, hear and see.

Is it difficult to get Life cover with Cerebral Palsy?

Getting life insurance cover for those with Cerebral Palsy can be quite difficult and availability will be dependent on the extent and severity of your condition and what effect it has on your overall health in general.

What will underwriters require to assess an application?

When assessing an application, underwriters will require a full report from your doctor outlining your exact diagnosis and symptoms and will also need to know facts such as...

* Detailed information about your motor skills.

* If you have any neurological impairments

* History of any blackouts/ seizures

* Do you require a carer?

Can you get Critical Illness Cover if you have Cerebral Palsy?

As with life insurance cover, an application for Critical Illness Cover (Serious Illness) for Cerebral Palsy will be very dependent on the severity of your condition and be subject to the same scrutiny by underwriters as outlined above.

Mortgage Protection Insurance can be available and discussed for Cerebral Palsy cover. For more information on any of the above please visit our life insurance broker Dublin page.

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