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Income Protection for Nurses

Updated: Apr 23

Our nurses spend their lives caring for other people when they are sick, but what happens to the nurses when they are sick?

What would happen if you couldn’t work long term due to illness or injury? It’s a scary thought, so it’s important to have a backup plan in place. From this year, nurses are entitled to five days of statutory sick pay per year. This probably covers the smaller things like colds etc, but what happens in the case of a long term illness or an accident which may see you out of work for months, years or worst case scenario forever.

How much sick pay do HSE nurses get?

If you work in the HSE, you get three months full pay and three months half pay. If your illness/injury goes beyond the six months, you will receive sickness benefit of €220 per week.

If you’re a private sector nurse, you can check with your employer about your entitlement to sick pay. Many don’t pay anything unfortunately.

Similarly agency nurses aren’t entitled to sick pay.

Why Do Nurses Need Salary Protection? (Income Protection)

Like anyone else, nurses and other medical professionals could be unwell at some point during their working lives. As it’s a highly pressurised job, it may be that you face more periods of ill health than the average person. This is why it’s important to have a plan in place to protect your earnings should you be off work due to illness or injury.

It could be even more important if you have financial dependents who are relying on your income for their wellbeing. If this is the case, income protection is a way of making sure you can keep providing for your dependents and pay your bills even if you are off sick for a long time.

How do you get income protection?

If you want to save some time and get the best deal, you should use a specialist Income Protection broker like Citywide Financial.  

We research the market for you and save you both time and money.

We source the most suitable product for your personal circumstances and you’ll have a dedicated consultant to take you through the entire process.

To get a quote, all you need to do is fill in the following form

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