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Is it possible to get life insurance during pregnancy?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Yes, you are eligible for life insurance during pregnancy. Making an application for a life insurance policy when you’re pregnant is similar to any other time.

Underwriters will still ask you the same questions. If you currently have a life insurance policy, it might be appropriate to consider increasing the pay-out amounts, to allow for the future needs of your expanding family. If you have no life insurance presently, the commencement of your pregnancy could be the right time to initiate a policy. If you have any pregnancy-related medical problems, some insurance providers might defer the policy application until after the birth of your baby. The most common health problems that can develop during pregnancy include.

  • Iron deficiency anaemia

  • high blood pressure

  • gestational diabetes

Do I need to tell my life insurer that I’m pregnant?

Yes, you will need to disclose your pregnancy to your insurance provider. Full disclosure and clarity are essential. Failing to do so could effectively invalidate your cover.

What questions will my insurance provider be likely to ask?

Like all life insurance applications, an insurance provider will ask you questions about your general health, any underlying medical conditions and prevailing lifestyle. It’s important you are forthwith and honest and give an accurate account of your overall health history.

Will an insurance company be concerned about my weight during pregnancy?

Insurance providers understand that weight during pregnancy won’t be a true reflection of your usual weight and in most cases, they’ll ask for your pre-pregnancy weight. Smoking - If you were a smoker before you became pregnant, and have recently given up, you still need to declare this to your insurance provider. In the majority of cases, the requirement is for you to have been smoke-free for at least a year before you can declare yourself as an actual non-smoker. This includes e-cigarettes and other alternative nicotine products. Alcohol consumption - For the duration of pregnancy, most women abstain from alcohol. You will still, however, be asked relative questions about your alcohol consumption and whether it’s changed over the last five years. The will also ask if you have been medically advised to reduce your consumption of alcohol. This is because insurance providers want a clear and concise understanding of your typical lifestyle habits.

Will taking out life insurance cover cost more if I’m pregnant?

Your pregnancy alone should not mean a more expensive life insurance premium—rather your pregnancy will be factored into your health in general. Just as if you were making application for life cover without being pregnant, underwriters will consider any pre-existing conditions and family medical history when assessing and calculating your premium. If you develop a pregnancy-related medical condition, gestational diabetes for example, your insurance provider might add a temporary increase to your premium until your health is back to normal.

Is it easy to get a life insurance quote if I’m pregnant?

Acquiring a life insurance quote during pregnancy is just as easy as at any other time. 0ur experienced team at Citywide Financial Solutions are always available to seek and negotiate the most attractive premium suitable to your requirements

Get in touch today.

For addtional information on the above please see our life insurance broker Dublin page.

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