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Is Life Insurance/Assurance Available For Divers?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Depending on their work activity, getting life insurance for commercial divers can often be obtained at standard rates.

In assessing an application, the underwriters will specifically want details of any experimental equipment or explosives that you might use whilst diving.

If you actively use experimental equipment or explosives on a commercial dive, underwriters will usually offer cover, but at a premium rate.

Can I Get Critical Illness Cover/Serious Illness Cover If I Am A Commercial Diver?

Similarly to life insurance, Critical Illness Cover for commercial divers can be available at standard rates depending on where you dive and what you do whilst diving.

In general however, underwriters will usually require an occupational exclusion clause to be included on the policy.

Can I Get Life Insurance/Serious Illness Cover If I do Sports Diving/Scuba Diving/Free Diving/Caving/Potholing?

In order to assess this underwriters will require a questionnaire to be completed. They will look at qualifications held/depth of dives/number of dives per year and make a decision based on the answers to these questions.

Mortgage Protection Insurance is also available and can be discussed in relation to all of the above.

Our qualified team of advisors at Citywide Financial Solutions are always available to guide you through the best options specific to your requirements

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