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Life Insurance With a Mental Health Condition

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Mental Health Protection

Citywide Financial Solutions works alongside some of Ireland’s longest established financial institutions, and as such can find the right life insurance package for individuals with mental health conditions.

The flexibility of our brokers can help clients get the type of insurance cover that's appropriate for their specific requirements.

Clients can have our expert brokers get the right life insurance packages for your unique requirements. Call our offices today to schedule an appointment. 086 229 3032

Can I get life insurance cover with a mental health condition?

Unfortunately, the stigma around mental health is still felt in the financial sector. Individuals with mental health conditions may be shocked to learn that their condition could be a contributing factor in banks or insures turning down applications for life insurance and mortgage protection.

Thankfully this outdated mindset is slowly going away. Citywide Financial Solutions matches individuals to forward-thinking and contemporary financial institutions who have the right kind of cover for their unique circumstances.

How can Citywide Financial Solutions help me get Cover?

As a fully independent brokerage firm, with experience and expertise in assisting individuals with a range of conditions to access insurance protection packages, we link clients up with the firm most sympathetic and understanding to their insurance needs.

Our brokers work on a case by case basis and assess your insurance needs based on your income, lifestyle and your needs as an individual and the needs of any dependents you may have.

Our brokers ensure that our clients get the insurance protection packages that they need.

Interested in speaking to a life cover broker? Call into our office to schedule an appointment today. 086 229 3032

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