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Can I get Life Insurance/ Assurance If I am involved in motor sports?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Usually you should be able to acquire life insurance at standard rates if you have an involvement in motor sports.

However, underwriters will specifically want to know the regularity of your pastime activity and the type of motor sport that you are involved in. Examples of the most common motor sports we would come across for Life Assurance purposes are circuit racing, drag racing, formula racing, karting, rallies, speedway, stock car racing & time trials.

Should your motor sports activity be deemed a particularly hazardous pastime, you will likely be offered a higher premium rate or with an exclusion clause in the policy.

Critical Illness Cover for Motor Sports

In general, Critical Illness Cover is available for Motor Sports enthusiasts.

However, due to the heightened chance of injury that comes with motor sport activity, there is a possibility that underwriters will want to place an exclusion clause on the Total Permanent Disability aspect of your policy.

This will be greatly contingent on the type of vehicles used, engine size, maximum 4gb speed attainable on clock, average speed and also the types of terrain raced on.

Income Protection Insurance for Motor Sports

Income Protection Insurance can also be available for motor sports enthusiasts at standard rates.

When assessing your application however, underwriters will want to know details of your track record and if you have ever been injured in relation to your motor sports pastime.

If you have sustained a number of past injuries due to your motor sport activities, underwriters will possibly want to insert an exclusion clause on the Income Protection policy.

Mortgage Providers Insurance is also available and can be discussed with our team of mortgage protection brokers.  

Our qualified team of advisors at Citywide Financial Solutions are always available to guide you through the best options specific to your requirements.

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