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Can I Get Life Insurance / Assurance with Epilepsy?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Epilepsy is one of a range of nervous systems disorders that is usually defined by the recurrence of different levels of seizures.

The current underwriting procedure for most insurance providers will generally mean that less than 12 seizure attacks per year will attract a minor loading while over 12 attacks in a year will result in a slightly higher loading.

Grand Mal (Generalised tonic-clonic seizures) and Petit Mal (Typical absence seizures) are the two most common forms of epilepsy.

Grand Mal epilepsy is characterised by seizures that include convulsions, muscle spasms, different levels of lost consciousness.

Petit Mal epilepsy begins to develop in the patient’s childhood. This seizure is normally less traumatic than a Grand Mal seizure.

Underwriters will want to know both the severity and frequency of your seizures and provided they are satisfied that your condition is under control, life insurance is usually available from several insurance providers without a further loading to the premium with standard rates applying.

Getting Critical Illness Cover With Epilepsy

In general, for people who suffer from Epilepsy, there is Critical Illness Cover available from a number of insurance providers.

As long as your epilepsy condition is under control and you have not experienced any symptoms/seizures over the past number of years, then standard rates for premiums should apply.

For those with Petit Mal epilepsy, you should be able to get cover with no extra loading or exclusions.

For anyone with Grand Mal epilepsy, it should also be possible to obtain Critical Illness cover but there may be a loading to the premium with some exclusions being applied in limited cases.

What about Income Protection with Epilepsy?

Income Protection cover for those with Petit Mal epilepsy can sometimes be accepted at standard rate premiums but may come with an exclusion for any claim related to the epilepsy.

For individuals with Grand Mal epilepsy, Income Protection cover is likely to come with a moderate premium loading or exclusion depending on which provider you speak to.

In certain circumstances, if you have been symptom free for a number of years, the Income Protection cover can be offered at standard terms.

In relation to the above Mortgage Protection Insurance is also available and can be discussed with our mortgage protection broker team.

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