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Joint or Dual Life Cover. Which is best?

So you know you need to get Life Assurance (Insurance) and you’ve done some research. You know that Life Insurance pays out a lump sum if the person(people) who is(are) insured dies during the term of the policy.

You know you need to choose either single, dual or joint cover, but what’s the difference between these?

Single cover insures one person only. If that person dies, the policy pays out and that’s the end of the cover.

Joint cover insures two people but the claim is paid out on the first death only. The cover ends when the first person dies.

Dual cover also insures two people but a claim can be paid on both deaths. If one person dies, then the policy continues and will pay out on the 2nd person if they die during the term of the policy.

What happens if two people want to get Life Insurance but one has health issues?

For both joint or dual cover, both applicants are underwritten individually

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