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What are the options for Life Insurance/Assurance if I have High Blood Pressure?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

High blood pressure is a common condition in which the long - term force of the blood against the artery walls is high enough so that it may be the cause of health difficulties such as heart disease.

If it’s not treated or properly controlled, it is regarded as one of the major factors for heart attacks and stroke.

Getting life insurance cover if you have high blood pressure is generally a straight forward procedure.

When making your application, you should have your latest readings and the date that they were taken in order to provide the insurer with the exact information for evaluating your condition.

If your condition is well controlled with acceptable readings and no other health concerns, then you should be able to secure life cover at normal standard terms.

Should you have other health concerns such as heart problems or diabetes, then the cover is likely to be at an increased premium. They will probably also require a medical report from your doctor outlining your general health condition.

Can I get Critical Illness Cover with High Blood Pressure?

Provided your high blood pressure condition is well controlled and there are no meaningful health issues to report, then getting Critical Illness Cover is usually available at standard premium terms.

Should there be other serious health problems or complications, underwriters will usually require a full medical assessment report from your doctor before offering cover.

Income Protection and High Blood Pressure

Like Life insurance and Critical Illness cover, Income Protection Insurance is generally available at standard premium terms (subject to your condition being well controlled)

If there are other health related complications, cover will likely be provided but at a higher premium rate.

To discuss the Mortgage Protection Insurance, in relation to the above, schedule a consultation with our mortgage protection team today. is also available and can be discussed in relation to all of the above

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