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What are the options for Life Insurance/Assurance if I have Tinnitus?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Tinnitus is the medical name for a hissing, whistling or ringing sound sensation in one or both ears or in the centre of the head.

It is mostly associated with some degree of deafness and is related to damage to the hair cells of the cochlea of the inner ear.


What will insurers/underwriters want to know if I have Tinnitus?

Whilst Life insurance is usually readily available for Tinnitus, insurers will predominantly be looking for any underlying condition that might be associated with the complaint. They will want to know.....

1. How often do you experience symptoms of Tinnitus?

2. When you were first diagnosed with Tinnitus?

3. Did any other underlying condition cause the tinnitus?

4. Does the tinnitus affect your daily life routine and ability to work?


Can I get Critical Illness Cover with Tinnitus?

Similarly to life insurance, the insurer will need to know as much as possible concerning your experience with tinnitus. They will particularly ask if any underlying condition has been identified as the cause of the tinnitus, and the extent and severity of your symptoms.


Income Protection and Tinnitus.

As above, insurers will want to know to what extent your tinnitus condition impacts on your daily life routine. They will want to know how, if any, the affect that the tinnitus or any associated conditions has had on your work schedule.

It is highly probable that the policy will include an exclusion clause in respect of an inability to work due to deafness or more severe tinnitus.


Mortgage Protection Insurance is also available and can be discussed in relation to all of the above.

For more information on getting Life Cover/Mortgage Protection/Income Protection with Tinnitus, get in touch with one of our advisors on (01) 5138710 or visit our life insurance broker Dublin page today. 

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